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Choral Director

Choral Director

Achi serves as choral director for four local choruses since 1989, sharing his passion for contemporary and traditional Jewish songs and American folk songs through sing-along event and performing with his choruses.


Nigunim Chorus of Berkeley

Nigunim Community Chorus meets at the JCC East Bay in Berkeley on Mondays, 7:30–9:15pm. Each year is divided into three cycles: Fall, Winter and Spring. During each cycle we learn a few new songs, and revisit songs we’ve learned in the past.

We sing traditional and contemporary songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino and English, arranged for two, three, and four parts.

Singing with Nigunim is recreational, enjoyable and energizing. Our weekly sessions include voice warm-ups, singing techniques and preparing repertoire for occasional performances.

Our goals include experiencing and preserving Jewish music, and developing a community where participants can grow musically as individuals and as members of a group.

To find out about dues and upcoming events email us at




San Francisco Jewish Folk Chorus

Chorus Director since 2015

The Jewish Folk Chorus has been in existence since 1926. Our vast repertoire of Jewish music includes songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino and Russian. We also stay true to our roots in the labor movement by preserving and performing works from our library of Yiddish labor songs. Our origins are rooted in the labor movement, and we usually add a labor and/or protest song to the repertoire each season. Through its 90-year existence, the Chorus has sung many interesting and difficult Jewish musical works, without forgetting the simple folk music of our ancestors. We preserve a rich, diverse and deeply satisfying musical heritage.



Lake Merritt Singers

Chorus Director since 2003

The Lake Merritt Singers is a group of senior adults that meets weekly at the Lake Merritt Independent Living in Oakland. The group's repertoire includes sacred as well as secular songs arranged for 2, 3 and 4 part harmony. 


Rossmoor Jewish Community Chorus

Chorus Director since 2004

Rossmoor Jewish Community Chorus (RJCC) is a group of Rossmoor residents who love to sing and who appreciate harmony and spirit. The group meets weekly and is an integral part of the local Jewish community.