Nigunim Community Chorus

Hanukkah Performance

Hanukkah Performance


Hanukkah Community Celebration

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Nigunim Chorus meets at the JCC East Bay in Berkeley on Mondays, 7:30 pm. To find out about fees and locations email Achi Ben Shalom at mail[at]

Most of the repertoire is traditional, with some contemporary songs in languages such as Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino and English and arrangements for two, three, and four parts.
Every meeting includes voice warm-ups, learning singing techniques, learning new pieces and reviewing previously taught music.
Sight-reading skills are helpful, but not a requirement.

The chorus’s short-term goal is to provide an on-going musical activity that is recreational, enjoyable and healing. The long-term goals are: (a) preserving traditional Jewish folk songs; (b) passing on the legacy to the next generation; (c) building a repertoire that can be performed occasionally; and (d) providing a space where participants can grow musically both individually and as part of a group. The group is growing from year to year, and many members have been with the group since 1998.

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