Hebrew Love Songs


A collection of songs in Hebrew with lyrics from the Old Testament book of “The Song of Songs”, (Shir Hashirim)

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1. Iti Milvanon (Come With Me from Lebanon) Song of Songs; N. Chen
2. Bona Habanot (Come Forth, O Daughters) Sara Levi Tanai
3. Sh’ney Shoshanim (Two Roses) Orland; M. Zeira
4. Eit Dodim Kalah (Love Is Awakened) Song of Songs; Folk Song
5. Ro-eh vero-ah (The Shepherd and the Shepherdess) Matityahu Shelem
6. Eil Ginat Egoz (To the Nut Grove) Song of Songs; Sara Levi Tanai
7. Bien N’har P!rat (By the River P!rat) Chayim Nachman Bialik; Folk Song
8. Lif’not Shachar (Before Dawn) Michael Bemesderfer
9. Im Hashachar (At Dawn) Sara Levi Tanai
10. Neitzeh Hasadeh (Let Us Go to the field) Song of Songs; B. Blilus Ben Ami
11. Hinach Yafah (You Are So Beautiful) Aminadav Aloni
12. Ki Tinam (Your Love is a Pleasure) M. Kashtan; Gil Aldema
13. Eshkolit (Grapefruit) Ze!ev Chavatzelet
14. Hana-avah Babanot (The Fairest of All Daughters) Amitai Ne-eman
15. At Ve-ani (You and I) N. Sharabi; A Gilead